Approaches to Helping Clients

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Collaboration is an alternative dispute resolution process which takes a team approach to bring about collective agreements in family law cases. Collaborative law offers an opportunity to resolve your case WITHOUT going to Court. In collaboration, spouses sign a contract that they will not take one another to Court nor use the threat of Court to bring about agreements. Collaborative  spouses also agree that their respective collaborative counsel will withdraw  should the collaborative process fail.

Transparency and respect are two hallmarks of the collaborative process which can reduce conflict and promote trust and communication.


This is an alternative dispute resolution process in which parties seek assistance from a third party neutral  – the mediator.  The mediator then helps parties reach collective agreements, review forms and may provide legal information as needed.  A mediator may not give legal advice.

Consulting (Unbundled) Legal Services:

Consulting legal services allow you to hire an attorney without having the formally represent you in Court.  A consulting attorney offers the full gamut of legal services and advice.  A consulting attorney will work with you as an adviser in all matters, document preparation and review, data collection and legal analysis.  A consulting attorney may  not, however,  represent you in Court nor is the consulting attorney required to appear in Court on your behalf.


Litigation is the traditional legal approach for managing family law cases. Georgiana as been litigating family law cases in Colorado for 2o years.